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For the Entrepreneurial Dentist

Do you want to get out of the chair, become more entrepreneurial, and build your net worth through owning multiple locations?

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If you are an entrepreneurial dentist who wants to flourish in a growing industry, we can help.

Our Discovery Day Seminar is a Valuable Step

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San Antonio
December 5th
January 16th
February 13th
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August 7th
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Discovery Day

Our Discovery Days consist of the following:

Enjoy Being a Partner

With our 850-plus employees, we have serviced more than 17,000 dentists who cared for over four million patients in 2017. Dental Whale has the right systems in place to help you succeed. A significant advantage our entrepreneur dentists experience is a sudden increase in practice valuation, doubling in value with a guaranteed exit strategy. Learn more today.
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Are you interested in growing your dental practice network?

Learn more about the opportunity to optimize and grow your network of dental practices through our Dental Whale Entrepreneur Program which supports offices in 35 states owned by entrepreneurial dentists looking to get out of the chair. At Dental Whale, we are helping dentist-entrepreneurs keep their offices running smoothly while maximizing profitability and patient satisfaction.
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